Holy Trinity is Visited by the Mystery Worshipper

mystery worshipper

At the risk of sounded self-congratulatory, we would be delighted if our blog readers would take a moment to look at the results from a recent visit to us from The Mystery Worshipper on their website    http://www.shipoffools.com .

Once on their homepage, if you click on the heading Mystery Worshipper (top left) and scroll down the page a bit you will come to a full review with photos of a visit we received incognito a couple of weeks ago titled Warm welcome, cold feet at Holy Trinity, Funchal, Madeira

mystery worshipper logo

We are very grateful to the mystery person, quoted as being Werburga of Chester, and also very pleased they enjoyed their visit so much. As for socks, we would just say that this is the coolest month of our year at about 18c, but their point is taken and we will scratch our heads to come up with a possible solution! As for the lack of a choir, we are currently trying to address that as well, and can we take this opportunity to say that we are looking for volunteers to come forward to help us create one. All enquiries to the church administrator via www.holytrinity.burningbush@hotmail.com. However, we are very lucky here in Madeira to be able to welcome so many holiday makers into our Sunday congregations and must say they invariably sing with enthusiasm and gusto ! Thank you all so much for your support.

About holytrinitychurch

This is the official blog site for the Anglican Church of The Holy Trinity, and the historic British Cemetery situated in the heart of the city of Funchal, on the glorious, Portuguese island of Madeira. It is hoped that this blog will encourage dialogue, however, comments deemed to be blasphemous, offensive or personal will not be published.
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